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Our Comprehensive Daycare in West Philly is Both Educational & Fun - Enroll Your Child Today!

G.S.A. provides a comfortable, home-like environment where children are encouraged to grow and develop individually. We are fully committed to the families we serve, providing continued support and encouragement.

If you're looking for the best daycare centers in Philadelphia, then you need to consider Great Start Academy. An affordable comprehensive daycare center can be difficult to find. You want to be assured that your little one is safe and in an environment that stimulates education and welcome. At Great Start Academy, we serve customers from Philadelphia, Delaware County and Montgomery County and the surrounding areas. You should consider our comprehensive daycare center in Philly.

The Best Staff Unlike Anything Else​

Our affordable kids learning center brings together a staff of teachers who are passionate about giving your children a headstart. These teachers have been screened thoroughly to ensure that they are capable of working with children in a safe environment.


Our teachers come from many different backgrounds and are able to give your children their first introduction to diversity. Learning from different kinds of people can open up their minds and hearts to new perspectives and help them grow as an individual.


Our staff is thoroughly trained by our teachers as well as by going through a curriculum that we hold everyone to. Because we want to give an early childhood education to those who reside in our walls, ensuring that everyone from the student staff to the teachers is able to teach effectively is critical to our foundation.


This is done to ensure that your children are well looked after and safe within our learning center. The student staff also have to go through a background check and a tuberculosis skin test along with other health tests to ensure that they can't pass anything onto your children.


We want the very best for your children. That's why we make sure that every member of our staff fits the strict criteria we have.

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Early Childhood Education

The parents in Philly are especially anxious that their children receive the best possible education as early as possible. Besides offering a safe comprehensive daycare center to grow and become nurtured, we also offer early learning services.


Because our child care center is staffed by teachers, you can be sure that your child is learning in an effective way. At Great Start Academy, we provide affordable child care center services in West Philadelphia for toddlers, advanced toddlers, preschool children, and infants in the Chestnut Hill and Germantown areas.


For toddlers, our teachers will teach them developmental basics that will lay the foundation for their future education. We don't want to use a cookie-cutter method to teach your child. We understand in West Philadelphia that every child has their own way of learning.

Instead, our teachers learn the personality of your child and adapt their learning style to match their needs. Our toddler preschool in Philadelphia will help lay down the basics of early learning for your child at our Chestnut Hills and Germantown child care center.


For advanced toddlers, we also can encourage their growth. Some parents have gotten a headstart on early learning, themselves, by reading to their children and stimulating their minds. These advanced toddlers may be capable of writing their name or even starting to read on their own. We'll identify advanced toddlers at our learning center in West Philly and help hone their skills further.


Whether it's through learning shapes in sand, reading their favorite book to them, or using other creative, but mentally stimulating, methods of education, your child will learn basic and advanced concepts in a manner that they find enjoyable and fun at one of the best daycare centers in Philadelphia.


We also provide pre k schools in Philadelphia at our learning center. One of the reasons that our comprehensive daycare center is one of the best daycare centers in Philadelphia is because we understand when social development begins. It's at the preschool age. Those skills can define their comfort level with socializing for the rest of their lives.


It's why we take social development at the Pre-School age so earnestly. At our child care center that services both West Philly and Northwest Philly, we spend time learning about your child and their current social skills. Once we have understood where they are in terms of their social development, we can start to encourage them to grow. Our goal is to have your child feeling comfortable interacting with others.


Finally, we also provide daycare services for infants in Philadelphia. When it comes to infant education, parents may not be sure how to introduce early concepts. That's where our affordable child care center comes into play. For those who live in Chestnut Hill, Germantown, or live in the West Philly or Northwest Philly area, we can help your infants learn early concepts.


The method we use is through play. We can introduce concepts of science, language, art, literacy, math, music, technology, and movement in a way that seems just like play for them. They won't even realize they're learning at our kid's learning center in West Philadelphia. Yet you can be sure that you'll notice the difference.

Why Early Education is Important in Philly

Parents may think that having their children learn early concepts at a kids learning center is a good idea, but why? An affordable and comprehensive daycare center in West Philadelphia can help give your child a headstart in West Philly.


When other children are still struggling to learn how to read, your child will be a few years ahead of them. Their educational success and confidence will follow them through the rest of their lives.

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If you want the best child care center in West Philly, then call us today. We're one of the best daycare centers in Philadelphia that offers the best education that your child needs. Our kids learning center in West Philadelphia has the best services that you need for your young child.