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As they grow quickly, so does their curiosity and desire to learn. Older toddlers are now testing their boundaries and asserting their independence. They are making huge strides in how they communicate and socialize with their parents, teachers and peers. Older Toddlers are ready and able to build and stretch their language skills, they are beginning to recognize that print and pictures in books have meaning, they may be able to relate events in a story to their own lives or even retell a story.


Some older Toddlers are even able to recognize a few letters or to point out the letter at the beginning of their name. Its the teacher's role to balance this need for independence while guiding each child's learning and development. From time at the sand and water table, "pretend" play to stories and games teachers keep children engaged and stimulated.

About Us

Great Start Academy Advance Toddlers

Are you looking for the best preschool in Philadelphia? You want to give your child the best chances at succeeding in life, and it is only through a good education that this can happen. As quickly as your child grows, so does his experimentation and curiosity. You have a baby scientist on your hands, and you want to choose one of the right preschool centers in Philadelphia to ensure that his curiosity only gets further nurtured.

Why Choose Great Start

You have a few reasons that you want to send your child to this West Philadelphia preschool daycare. Some of the biggest reasons that parents have trusted us as the best preschool in Philadelphia include:

  • Pursuit of meaningful educational goals for your child.

  • Building and sustaining strong relationships with family members.

  • Meeting the early childhood educational needs.

  • A safe and fun environment to explore and investigate.

  • Showing parents how to expand lessons in the home.

  • Your child will grow cognitively and socially.

All the Tools and Activities Needed to Grow

Here at Great Start Academy, our programs for infants to toddlers will provide them with all the tools and the activities required for growing. Meanwhile, you will receive the best possible education delivered through inspirational and motivated teachers. At Great Start, everything happens in such a way that it will be appropriate for your child's learning abilities. We play off of your child's individual strengths, and we search for ways that he or she can come out ahead as a learner for life. Here at our preschool daycare, we stand out as one of the best preschool programs because of the ease of our preschool enrollment program, and once your child enters the best preschool in Philadelphia, she will have the opportunity to learn at a rapid rate. We have gifted teachers who can impart the necessary lessons that have made us one of the pre K schools that stand out positively in West Philadelphia.

Individualized Attention

Here at our preschool learning center, one of the things that have helped us to stand out has come from not letting any child fall through the cracks. Our Philadelphia staff will work with your child to ensure that she grasps the learning material. If more time and attention is needed, we will go longer. We pay attention to the big picture when it comes to these things. Our preschool learning center will look at the individual child and his interactions of play during the day. Through careful attention, we will figure out ways that your child can learn better.

Our Preschool Center in Philadelphia Near Germantown & Chestnut Hill Focuses on Making Early Childhood Education Fun for Your Little One

Games to Engage the Young Mind

At Great Start, we're a preschool learning center that uses games to engage the mind of your child so that her gifts might fully materialize. That's extremely important at preschool centers because sometimes not enough attention gets paid to the process of learning through play. In some cases, pre-K schools in Philadelphia don't put enough emphasis on learning for a young child, and as a result, it disconnects them from learning. They grow to see it as something boring. Learning should be about a process of discovery.

When your child signs up for preschool enrollment, you trust that the learning program will nurture your child's love of learning. We're a preschool daycare that does all of that and more! We also offer daycare services for infants in Philadelphia.

Teaching a Love of Learning

Unfortunately, one of the biggest mistakes that pre K schools will often make stems from teaching your child to fear failure. Here at our preschool learning center in West Philadelphia, we take a different approach. We teach your child how failure can lead to a process of discovery. From the moment you do preschool enrollment, our staff in Philadelphia will show your child to get thrilled about the process of learning. We're one of the preschool programs in West Philadelphia that use the preschool learning center as a laboratory for your child's mind. We're a preschool daycare that pays attention to the best practices of preschool programs. We never want your child to come away empty-handed from the experience at our Philadelphia school.

Abundant and Rich Resources

Here at our preschool learning center, our Philadelphia staff has put together a bunch of resources to ensure that your child's learning process will be fulfilled and enriched. We're one of the pre K schools that was designed on the principles of exploration and discovery. That's important because not all of the preschool centers in Philadelphia will have this value. As a Philadelphia preschool daycare, we want to jump start your child's learning process so that they will be head-over-heels in love with learning by the time they reach kindergarten.

Not all preschool centers were created equal in Philadelphia. You have some preschool programs that will inevitably lead to better learning and success for later in life. Here in Philadelphia, we have had a successful preschool enrollment program because of how we have paid special attention to the things that work best in the classroom. We want your child to have fun throughout the day while equipping them to get the most out of their learning experiences.