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The Learning Programs at Great Start Academy

At Great Start Academy in Philadelphia, we are proud to provide an excellent toddler daycare program that plants the seeds for a lifelong love of learning in your child. Discover a bit about our toddler daycare center to see if our school is the right choice for your little one.

Toddler Preschool Programs Suitable for Your Child’s Age

Our Toddler Daycare in West Philadelphia Encourages Fun & Early Education for Your 3-5-Year-Old

Advanced Toddlers

We have first-rate toddler preschool learning programs that are appropriate for your child’s age. For instance, we have an advanced toddlers program or kids 24 to 36 months old. As toddlers grow into preschoolers, they’re excited to explore colorful picture books, the letters of the alphabet and adding new words to their vocabulary. We incorporate all of these things and more into our advanced toddlers' learning program here in Philadelphia. We use games, stories and hands-on activities such as the sand and water table to make our lessons memorable. We encourage our toddler preschool students to explore their environment fueling their curiosity. We waste no time in preparing the kids in our toddler daycare for the day when they enter kindergarten.

The Preschool Program

Our Philadelphia toddler preschool program focuses on further developing the thinking skills in students ages 3 to 5 years old. We continue to challenge our students to improve their language and reading skills. Our qualified instructors use games, guided activities, books and more to make lessons fun. We want to lay a solid foundation at our toddler daycare, so our kids are ready to tackle kindergarten.

Social Skills Learned Through Play

Social skills are being taught at all times throughout the school day at our toddler daycare center in Philadelphia. Our students learn to share and cooperate with friends. These social skills will be used by our students throughout their lives. While students are at our toddler preschool, we take every opportunity to teach them the value of cooperation.

Balance and Coordination Development

It’s important to help along the physical development of our students. This means making sure they’re physically active throughout the day. Our playground time includes helping children work on their balance and coordination along with their large and small motor skills. Our toddler daycare teachers understand that kids learn best through play. So, we take full advantage of time on the playground at our toddler preschool!

Our Toddler Daycare in West Philadelphia Encourages Fun & Early Education for Your 3-5-Year-Old


Building a Healthy Body

Along with building the minds of our students in our school for 3 year olds, we want to help them build healthy bodies, too. That’s why our Philadelphia toddler daycare serves nutritious meals. Our balanced breakfasts, lunches and snacks give our students the nourishment they need to grow strong.

Encouragement and Support

Our toddler preschool in Philadelphia would be nothing without our knowledgeable, dedicated staff of teachers. We understand the importance of encouraging students to challenge themselves and discover the joy of accomplishing what they didn’t think they could. Our teachers have the qualifications necessary to prepare them for work in our toddler preschool. Plus, our teachers participate in continuing education, so they’re up to date on the latest teaching methods and resources used in the field. Our teachers care about the success of each and every one of the students in our school for 3 year old’s.

A Safe Environment for Learning

Our school for 3 year old’s is a safe learning environment. We have safety procedures in place, especially when it comes to drop off and pickup time at our toddler daycare center. Our staff understands our parents in Philadelphia want to have peace of mind about their children’s safety. That’s why your child’s security and happiness are top priority at our toddler daycare center!

A Welcoming Place to Learn in Philadelphia

Our teachers go all out to make each of our toddler daycare center classrooms appealing and welcoming. In short, we want our students to feel at home in our Philadelphia toddler preschool. Bright colors, exciting themes, friendly characters, maps, alphabet letters and more are displayed on the walls of our school for 3 years old’s. Plus, our teachers have plenty of books, games and hands-on activities at their fingertips. It’s no surprise many of the students in our toddler preschool program look forward to coming to our school each day.

To find out more about our learning programs and our infant daycare at Great Start Academy in Philadelphia, contact our offices today. Or, stop in and take a tour to see what our stellar toddler preschool has to offer your little one!

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